We are committed to a cleaner and greener environment

We at eee-Taxi are proud owners of a fleet of electric vehicles. Since inception, we have grown to a strength of 150 cars and counting. Our aim is to create an ev ecosystem, which will not only provide a hassle-free journey to passengers but also reduce carbon footprint and develop an environmentally sustainable business. By following the “environment first” policy, we are reducing the negative impact on the environment and also positioning ourselves as an ecologically focused firm for the future.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

With zero tailpipe emission, we are reducing the carbon emissions

No Noise Pollution

Vehicles are silent and smooth,
we don't cause any
noise pollution.


Saving Fossil Fuels

Zero utilization of any fossil
fuels like Petrol, Diesel
or CNG.

Planting Trees

Making our planet greener
and safer for every
living being.